The organization and execution of the whole logistical process include all the phases of shipping the goods from the manufacturer to the buyer, planning, implementation, inspection, analyzing of the transportation, storage, distribution of goods and information which are bound to the goods itself.

It includes the optimization of the flow of goods and information, with minimizing logistical costs. The most important parts of the logistical services for our company are transshipment and storage which we do for you in Ljubljana. Because our work is collective transport, our warehouse in Ljubljana collects and stores all the goods until it gets loaded onto trucks and delivered to a certain place.

The stored goods are then arranged according to their location, size, type and velocity of the shipment. We take our costumers whishes into account as well .

Our warehouse has all the necessary certificates and regulated standards needed. Our work requires a fast and effective intervention , that is why all the logistics are prepared in advance and agreed upon. A loading and unloading truck helps with all the shipments.

You can chose to store your things in our Ljubljana warehouse or you can rant a storage unit if you prefer.